Where should I send the fan letters or presents for the members to?

⇒Please send to the address below.
You can send the presents to suits birthday or anniversaries.

Please note that any parts containing personal information can not be delivered.
We will only deliver the letter without envelope, please include your handle name or Twitter username in the letter if needed.

Send to: AiryPro Administrative Office__Member name
≪〒107-0052 9-chōme-1-7-365 Akasaka, Minato City, Tokyo≫
(Please leave the phone number blank, or include your own phone number.)

You can only send the presents that obtain directly from EC Site to our members.
Also, please note that there are some exceptions we will not receive based on the rules below.

・Foods or Drinks
・Cash, Gold Tickets, any types of tickets, Prepaid card, Coupons
・Opened / used items
・Large and heavy items that are difficult to carry
・Items that require refrigeration or freezing
・Items that apply to skin (Cosmetics, perfumes, bath salts, pharmaceuticals, etc.)
・Soft toys, cushions
・Dangerous goods (gunpowder, fireworks, cutlery)
・Creatures, raw objects (animals, plants, insects) * Including fresh flowers
・self-produced CDs, DVDs, etc.
・Items judged to be too expensive by us ( exceeds 20,000 yen per item)
・ any Inappropriate things associated above

If the fan letter is included in the gift, we will open the letter and only the letter will be deliver to the member.
Please send the fan letter or present with following the rules above .

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